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Mergers & Acquisitions - I.T. Due Diligence

When merging with or acquiring another company, a great many variables need to be considered. A major consideration is the state of the target company’s I.T. organization; its maturity, effectiveness and its level of compliance to regulation. The overall state of the I.T. organization may well determine the success or failure of the transaction.

Information technology is recognized as a key business asset; it is the foundation on which core business processes and functions are built. As system complexity and business interdependencies have evolved, the interconnectivity of information systems within an organization has not only driven business success but has also increased business risk.

Technology status, I.T. obligations and the organizations ability to meet them is a telling factor. Does the I.T. organization function in a structured and highly efficient manner? Are the I.T. solutions that have been implemented effective? Is the I.T. roadmap well defined, or have systems evolved in a haphazard and reactionary manner? A due diligence assessment that answers these questions and examines the status of the target company’s I.T. maturity, processes, risks and compliance status can provide valuable insight to investors, enabling a clearer picture on the potential cost, risk and impact of the venture.

What is I.T. Due Diligence

I.T. Due Diligence focuses on identifying operational, tactical and compliance issues requiring close attention following the merger or acquisition. It is a process than uncovers potential risks, unknown and unbudgeted costs that will impact the transaction. We have a network of experienced CIO and Audit Consultants that are able to quickly research and assess the status of I.T. environments to identify strengths and weaknesses that would go unnoticed by most traditional business consultants.

How will I.T. Due Diligence Help?

The I.T. Due Diligence assessment will help you uncover critical issues that may require immediate attention. This information will help you make a more informed decision about the value of the investment you are considering and the challenges and issues you will face if you move forward. It will provide a clear and concise path that will enable you to quickly address deficiencies, mitigate risk and maximize the value of your investment.

Tangible, Long-Term Benefits

  • It will create a starting point from which you can develop new processes and align business entities

  • It will heighten awareness throughout the organization and with Investors on the impact and implications of the transaction

  • It will minimize business risk and fines related to non-compliance

  • It will reduce cost to the organization through efficient management and measurement of controls

To learn more about our due diligence assessments

Contact ATIBA Technology Solutions for additional information on how our I.T. Due Diligence Assessments will help you understand the state of the target I.T. organization and mitigate your risk, enabling you to make a cost effective and informed business decision.

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