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Legal Discovery, Archiving, Records Management

Data is an asset, but it can also be a liability if you do not manage it effectively and in a manner that adheres to regulatory requirements. ATIBA consulting experts can help you mitigate your risk and utilize your data assets to their fullest extent. We can help you select and implement new archiving and records managements solutions, or we can help you get the most value from your existing solutions. ATIBA's consulting services include:

Management and Technical Consulting

  • Records compliance management needs analysis

  • RFI/RFP development and evaluation

  • ESI (electronically stored information) standards and trends

  • Full text search technology and vendors

  • Large data repository management

  • Technical architecture review and design

  • SOA (service oriented architecture) integration

  • IT strategy reviews - identification of opportunities to better align IT with business

  • Risk assessment reviews - to identify gaps and remediation activities

Comparative Analysis

  • Review existing legal discovery, archiving and records management data, tools, applications, and processes to determine gaps and pain points.

  • Identify areas for improvement, remediation and enhancements to more adequately address every-changing needs in a dynamic business and regulatory environment.

  • Assess and evaluate your existing products to ensure you are utilizing existing features and functionality to their fullest extent; if you are not, we will help you extend those capabilities in order to increase your return on existing investments.

  • Assess and evaluate the types of data you are currently archiving, how that data is being indexed, managed, searched and extracted to identify efficiencies and added value that could be realized.

  • Evaluate your current use of archiving technologies; compare current capabilities to industry standards and best-of-breed applications to identify areas for increased performance and added value.

  • Assess and identify risks to legal and regulatory obligations (i.e., SEC 17a-3, 17a-4)

System Integration and New Development

We can help you utilize existing archive interface connectors to integrate, extend and improve your existing systems and business processes. Examples:

  • Create automated notifications for key events

  • Extract business or police violations

  • Provide new search features for research requirements

  • Extend your reporting and analytics capabilities (identify types of documents in your archive, index values, when they were archived, when they should be purged, management reporting on products, services and risks)

  • Custom interfaces to web services

  • Custom user portals - that provide case entry and search capabilities to external users or the system without logging into the core archive system or using the standard user interface

  • Custom management portals - that provide key performance indicators and information about data archived

  • Information repurposing - to help you extract and utilize valuable information in a more meaningful and usable format

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